I Remember, by Antoinette Walker

I remember jumping off the monkey bars and twisting my ankle.

I remember ripping the side of my t-shirt, jumping off the swing.

I remember dressing up as “Cat and the Hat” for Halloween.

I remember riding a firetruck in the snow when I was a little girl.

I remember going to the Bahamas with my family for my 11th or 12th birthday.

I remember going to sleep-away-camp with my friend and two cousins.

I remember learning how to ride a bike.


I Remember, by Athena Slavik

I remember when I was little, I was chosen to be in a magazine with the president’s daughter along with my friend.

I remember that time when I was playing with my friend and in the end my ear was bleeding and I had to go to the hospital.

I remember when my favorite cousin fell off the bunk bed, and I was cruel because I couldn’t stop laughing.

I remember when my cat and dog were fighting, and when I stopped the fight I ended up with a permanent broken finger.

I remember all those times when I fell off my bike, and I got lots of scrapes.

I remember that time when I woke up to check on my uncle’s bird, and all I saw was the body with the head missing, and feathers in my dog’s mouth.

I remember when my best friend, a boy I liked, had to leave because he was moving, and I hugged him and cried.

I remember whenever I got home, Mom and Dad would scream at me for making a tattoo on my arm.

I Remember, by Dimitris Charles

I remember being awesome, which was all the time.

I remember living in Maryland with a park across the street, and the girl next door.

I remember leaving Baltimore and missing that girl next door.

I remember having a crush in middle school, and asking, “If you like me, check yes or no.” She said no.

I remember running in the rain to clear my head, and the bad thoughts of some girl I dated.

I remember trying to love and failing because it wasn’t love, just premature lust.

I remember the rejection but not the face. Just the voice.

I remember running in the rain again to clear the rejection, and it didn’t work.

I remember sleeping for two hours a night and thinking I had insomnia.

I remember the good moments, but I don’t embrace them.

I remember crying when I was alone in my room watching a sad movie.

I remember yesterday, and a little of today.

I remember waking up, showering, eating, getting dressed, and praying before leaving the house every morning for the last four years.

I Remember, by Maire Mendoza

I remember thinking, “Why is the moon following me?”

I remember my mom chasing me so I could take a shower.

I remember closing my ears every time someone talked about 2012.

I remember seeing my grandmother like a giant.

I remember seeing the stars coming in the United States from Mexico.

I remember throwing a rock at my mom and don’t remember what happened next.

I remember waking up at 5 a.m., taking the bus to I don’t know where.

I remember the way my mom got when she found out someone was going to visit her, and the house was a mess.

I remember giving a kiss to my big sister the first time I saw her.

I remember crying for not knowing where I was.

I remember thinking how awesome the stars were for being so small and yet so big.

I remember waking up at 12 a.m. every Friday for pizza.

I remember I peed on my second grade teacher’s rug for not letting me use the bathroom.

I remember being in a pool thinking I was the best swimmer.

We’re back!!

Hey everyone, hope you had a great summer.

This is to let you know that UNHS AUDIO is back, with the wonderful new Rachel, and the wonderful old Chris keeping up the momentum from last year’s great efforts. So if you’re interested in continuing where we left off last year, visit Mr DeMarchi in the new College Office (Room 202) for more information about program start times and where it will be happening.

There is also a very exciting opportunity for a select group of students who participated last year with WNYC 93.9FM. More soon.

So great to be back, looking forward to working with you all again!

UNHS AUDIO is in the house.

Program End

Dear students,

It’s been a fun-filled fiesta of a semester but all good things come to an end, for this year at least! Thank you to all those that participated for your hard work, good humor and enthusiasm, it was a pleasure to work with all of you!

Outstanding Student Award - Daniel Vergara

Congratulations to Daniel Vergara who was chosen to receive the award for Outstanding Student on the course. There were a number of strong contenders but Daniel was singled out for his excellent attitude, good nature and commitment to the program, not to mention entertaining audio sound bites which you can listen to on this site.

My apologies to those who were unable to complete their projects due to my unexpected absence at the end of the year, please feel free to contact me at unhsaudio@gmail.com if you want to take your work further, or just to say hello, I would love to hear from you!

Have a great summer everyone,

Mmmm, dumplings

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