FYV hits the streets

FYV at the Seaport

Finding Your Voice finally made it to the Seaport to get some ‘Vox Pops’ (basically, interviews with strangers), capture some audio, and hone their interviewing and recording skills.  Check out the results below!

NB. The two clips are not the same!


Recent trips

Each and every Friday, the Advantage team tries to come up with a new trip which is better than the last, but we have raised the bar a little high with our last two outings …

First we inaugurated the Lower East Side walking / eating tour, snaking our way through the neighborhood down to the South Street Seaport with stops for donuts, pickles and dumplings on the way.  In that order.  Yea, we know.


donut plant



Then, last Friday, Audio Production had a very special afternoon at WNYC (93.9FM) public broadcast radio station, where we met with one of the Producers of Radio Rookies, along with a graduate Rookie, who talked to us about her very moving and personal radio documentary.  Then a tour of the studios, which was amazing.

WNYC lobby

In the studio

Recording studio excitement

Outside WNYC

Introducing … Baze

Here at UNHS AUDIO we like to be on top of all good things musical which are happening in the school, and one of those things is York University-bound senior Abraham Lopez, aka Baze.  A sensible head on those broad shoulders, Baze knew that getting into college was priority number one, but somehow he found time to record some heavy tunes like this, called Come And Get It.

For more Baze check out Yaves Records.


Seems like with Spring around the corner, UNHS is bursting with creative talent right now.

Check this collaboration between Audio Production veteran Natalie Lee and Sophomore Nayrovy Valenzuela!

Yo PBE!  Where’s your response?

I told you they wasn’t ready …

Shouts out to Miss Gross and the music class!

An Afternoon At The Museum

Last Friday, Advantage took a trip to the American Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side under the umbrella of the Science Club run by science guru David.  Participants included members of the Audio Production program, the STEP team, and anyone else who knows a good thing when they see it.  All trips run by Advantage are absolutely free of charge so if you want to be involved get yourself to Room 410 already and sign up!

Mr DeMarchi was there too but managed to avoid the group photo!

Jay Z in the building!

They said it could never happen.  But we pulled a few strings, and Natalie Lee managed to get a few questions with none other than HOVA!

Check it out:

Lopez Live 3

Guess who’s back… if you are easily offended, do not click play.